Dear Customer, here is some shipping photo of the machine our company exported recently for your reference:

1. 2016-3-21, One set KJ311 Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig for Tunnelling expoted to Russia
2016-7-21, same customer buy the second set KJ311.

2. 2016-8-5, 15 sets KB15 Industrial air compressor exported to Iran.

3.2016-8-8, one set KW180 Water Well Drilling Rig (110-202mm diameter, 180m depth) and mating air compressor LGCY-18/17 expoted to Vietnam.

4. 2016-8-11 KT11S Integrated Drilling Rig(105-125mm diameter, 18m depth, auto drill rod-loading) exported to Zimbabwe.

5. 2016-8-22, 32 sets W-3.5/5 Piston Air Compressor, 90 sets YO18,YO20 Rock Drill -Ghana

6. 2016-8-22, two sets KT5 Integrated Drilling Rig(80-105mm diameter, 20m depth) exported to Mexico.

7. 2016-8-23, Two sets KG960 crawler drilliing rig (105-220mm diameter, 40m depth)and one set LGCY-19.5/19 screw air compressor exported to Kazakhstan.

8.2016-9-5, two sets KY125 and two sets LGCY-15/13 exported to Tajikistan

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